Show Homes

Over 90% of people are unable to visualise a space, so the correct furnishing and styling of a property is a valuable selling tool as it demonstrates each room's potential.

Buyers nowadays are looking to buy a lifestyle - not just bricks and mortar - and a show home must reflect that. My designs include aspirational dressing to attract your target market.

Working from plans or property visits, I can provide furniture (purchase or rental) and complete interior packs (including artwork and accessories) for both new homes and buy-to-let properties.

I'll work closely with you to ensure your property appeals to the broadest number of prospective buyers, with each project tailored to your timescale and budget.

Incentive Packages

Potential buyers may not have sold their own property, so to assist them with a fast sale and secure their move to your development, I can offer them my Home Staging service. This can be offered directly to the buyer or be included in a part-exchange scheme or similar.

Please contact me to discuss how this option could work for you.

Call me on 07732 731808 to see how Property Perceptions can help potential buyers see the best in your properties.