Moving In

Lighten the load when arriving at your new home

When you first arrive at your new home we can help lighten the load with our Moving In Service. We will meet the removal men at your new home, overseeing the unloading of all your items, setting out your furniture and unpacking all those boxes for you.

We can arrange the furniture in the rooms, set your bedrooms up with clothes into wardrobes and beds made up with fresh linen. We can also unpack your kitchen and bathroom items organising everything into it’s place so you can start to use your new house as a home straight away.

The experience, enthusiasm, and friendly manner of my team mean we can sort most things out for you on the day but if you need us to come back and help with more unpacking and organising later on, then we can do that too.

Call me on 07732 731808 to see how I can help.