Home Staging

Give Your Property Sales Appeal

Decided to sell your house? You need to ensure that it is presented at its best as this can increase the value and achieve a quicker sale.

Spending time and money on a home you are about to leave might seem strange, but may prove to be a wise investment because first impressions really do count. Every property can benefit from extra attention before sale and even small changes can make a big difference to buyer perception.

Smart presentation is key to getting buyers interested. Remember, they decide in minutes whether your property is right for them, so help them make the right decision.

My aim is to create a fresh and appealing look to your property in a short time and on a realistic budget, working whenever possible with existing furnishings, fittings, and accessories. I'll look at every aspect - both inside and out - and identify anything which might affect the sale. I'll also advise on any issues which buyers may use to negotiate a reduction in the asking price.

Most importantly, I will only recommend changes which will have a positive effect in terms of property value and/or speed of sale.

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