Here you’ll find news and some thoughts and reflections on things relevant to home staging, interiors, de-cluttering, show homes, and settling in.

Ready Your House For Sale – The Kitchen

May 2014

People often ask me what they can do to get their house ready for sale. There are lots of ways to improve the saleability but here’s some things I would recommend – starting with the kitchen. As one of the most important areas of a home for most buyers, it is worth taking a little … Read more »

Free House Consultations With Lewis White

December 2010

Independent estate agency Lewis White of Reigate is now offering all its new and existing clients a free consultation with me to ensure their properties are looking their best before they go on the market. This is a perfect win-win situation for home sellers and the agency: well presented houses are more likely to sell … Read more »

UK To USA Clothing And Shoe Size Conversions

December 2010

USA Clothing and shoe sizes are different to those found here in the UK. Until you get used to the new sizes, this can be confusing, to say the least. I’ve created a quick and handy guide to help you see at a glance how the sizes compare. Just use the link below to view … Read more »